Dog Breed – The Bassett Hound

The Basset Hound is a sturdy fellow built to follow a trail over difficult terrain. He is short-legged and long in the body allowing him to move under and through heavy brush and other obstacles a taller dog might not be able to pass. The Bassett is capable of a great deal of endurance in the field. He has been bred for trailing over distances and not tiring.

Bassets are heavier of bone than any other comparably sized breeds, adding to his sturdiness. He moves very deliberately, and while the size of his ears may make him look a bit foolish, his paws always know where they are going.

He has a mild temperament, only being aggressive or timid when conditioned to it. Even then, aggression is not part of his general makeup. He is also a very devoted companion.

His short coat may come in any hound variation. He is not prone to excessive shedding, but does indeed loose hair all over the house. His coat lies close to his skin as well, offering some weather protection.

Bassets have a huge bark, and will let you know then the mailman has been at your door, or to expect visitors. While his size may not intimidate an intruder, his huge, belling voice will do it in a heartbeat. They are not otherwise very vocal dogs, unless they are taught to be.

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  1. Even though there 2 poodles are part of our family there is nothing cuter than a basset hound puppy! Bassets make me smile!

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