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Is an Electric Dog Fence Right for You? Great information + a giveaway!

If you have dogs, you know it is hard to keep up with every move, especially with multiple pets. There is always an unexpected circumstance…. a squirrel that is in an unexpected place, a handyman who forgets to close the gate. Personally, a combination of efforts is the best method to ensure that your pet is safe.

Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is losing their beloved pet. Thousands of dogs go missing every year, and too many of them never make it back home. In order to ensure the safety of your dog, you must take preventative measures whenever possible. One of the most important things to do is to make sure your dog can’t leave your property on his own. Because dogs enjoy roaming and running, keeping them on a leash at all times in your yard isn’t the best solution.

Fencing is the preferred method for keeping dogs contained in yards. The next question, however, is what type of fencing? You could choose a traditional fence or an electric dog fence. Many people opt for traditional fences, but electric dog fences can sometimes be the better choice. There are many reasons why you might choose one instead of a wood, chain link, or PVC fence, so let’s examine some of the different factors you should consider.

Maintaining Your Fence

If you have a smaller yard, your dog will have an even bigger desire to see what’s beyond it. With traditional fencing, a big concern is digging underneath. Certain dogs, like terriers and beagles, have a natural desire to dig, and stopping that behavior will be a challenge for even the most experienced home owners. An electronic dog fence like the Petsafe Yardmax can stop your dog from getting to the perimeter of your yard. An alternative is a wireless radial fence such Havahart Radial. With traditional fences, maintaining its look and structure over time can be costly. Dogs squeezing through the fence, jumping over it, and chewing latches, are all concerns. Wired dog fences, on the other hand, are versatile and easy-to-install, and they won’t require nearly as much maintenance to continue working (or looking) their best.

Preserving Your View

Sometimes traditional fences can enhance the look of your property, but other times, they can be detrimental and obstructive. If you have a home on the waterfront or with a gorgeous view of a golf course, for example, you don’t want a large fence blocking the way. When you don’t want to change the look of your property, electronic dog fences are the answer. A better option than invisible fence due to cost, wired dog fences that you install yourself are great choices. Your dog must wear a collar anyway, so wearing an e-collar instead isn’t out of place. A big fence, however, can be unsightly and inconvenient. If it doesn’t match your architecture and landscaping, it can even reduce the value of your home and property. Some homeowners’ associations don’t allow fencing, and an electric dog fence may be the only solution. ’

Enclosing Large Areas

Dog owners with sheep herding dogs, hunting dogs, or other working dogs and other animals often have hunting leases, ranches, farms, and other agricultural settings to enclose. Creating safe zones for your dog doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Rather than install a fence over a large area, you can simply lay the wire for an electric dog fence. First, read the reviews of dog fences for acreage and large properties to see what type will work best for your situation. Whether your enclosing your entire property or a small area within it, large areas can be more easily secured with an electric dog fence than with a traditional fence. If you need to change your boundaries, it’s also easier to do with a wired fence than with a large, above-ground fence.

Cost and Effort

Traditional fences are expensive and can take a long time to install correctly. Electric dog fences, however, can be installed by just about anyone in just a couple days or less. You’ll save hundreds of dollars, because normal dog fences are often as high as $2,000+, and a high-quality wired dog fence will cost less than $600 total. When you install the electronic dog fence on your own, you also gain valuable insight into the capabilities of your dog fence system. You’ll be able to maintain and repair your fence on your own without needing a repair technician to come out.



Training your dog to obey the electric dog fence and e-collar is the most important part of installation. Your dog must learn the consequences and rewards to certain behaviors, and he must be properly trained during a short adjustment period. With careful guidance and diligence in handling your dog, you can minimize his stress as he learns to recognize his new boundaries. Providing proper dog fence training will ensure the success of your fence and the safety of your canine companion. All breeds of dogs can be trained with an e-collar and wired dog fence.


Before you choose a fencing solution, make sure you carefully explore all your options. While traditional fences can be nice, they’re oftentimes not the most practical solution for your individual situation. An electric fence can be a versatile way to ensure the safety of your dog but it is not the only solution. Many dog owners prefer to offer supervised on-leash outings only or opt for a large dog run on premises.


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