The Adorable Pomeranian

The small size and glorious coat of the Pomeranian gives it an adorable appearance. The Pomeranian has a dense double coat, which stands away from the body giving the dog a ruffled or fringed look around the neck and chest. There are a variety of colors and patterns in the Pomeranian, which include brown, black, cream, tan and red as well as many variations. The Pomeranian weights approximately five to seven pounds and is classified as a toy breed due to its tiny size.

The Pomeranian is confident and curious by nature. Pomeranian’s are vivacious, intelligent and loyal. They do well in competitive shows. The Pomeranian is a sturdy little breed of dog. Despite their small size they are courageous and have good protective instincts. Pomeranian’s can make good watchdogs although they tend to be overly vocal. They have good hunting instincts as well.

The Pomeranian is generally a healthy breed of dog. Their average lifespan is approximately fifteen years although some have lived longer. Pomeranian’s are prone to certain health conditions such as cataracts, skin disease and dental disorders. Pomeranian’s do need to be brushed once or twice a week since their thick coats have a tendency to mat.

Pomeranian’s adapt well to most living environments whether country or city, apartment or house. Pomeranian’s make good companions but they may not interact well with children. Young children can be rough with pets and Pomeranian’s could easily be injured due to their small size.

Pomeranian’s are highly desired pets. They are one of the most popular dog breeds. Full-blooded toy They  can fetch a fairly high price. There’s no denying that they are good loveable pets. They get along well with people and even other pets in the household. Although they are energetic Pomeranian’s can be calm and quiet which makes them an ideal dog for apartment living. They require little maintenance although they do love attention and affection.

Pomeranian’s may not always be as obedient as some other breeds but they are quite intelligent and have strong unique personality traits. They  enjoy going for walks with their human companions. They don’t seem to mind being groomed. They will happily spend time playing with a chew toy. They can be quite social. They are loving and protective of their owners. They may be small but they can bark loud enough to alert you to the presence of a stranger.

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