Portugese Podengos: The Superstar Dog

At first glance, the Portugese Podengo looks rather like a mutt. But there’s a good reason for that; the Podengo, a Foundation Stock Service dog since 2004, may very well be the ancestor of dozens of dogs all around the globe. Many breeds and mixed-breed dogs share one or more of the Podengo’s traits.

This beautiful dog comes in both smooth and wire coats, and both varieties are slowly earning their place in American homes. Part of this is due to the fact that the Podengo is so visible in the movies. That’s right! The Portugese Podengo shows up frequently in movies, no doubt due to its trainability. A Podengo is an incredibly smart dog, and picks up on commands within moments. Plus, its natural agility makes it perfect for various tricks and stunts; Podengos frequently take first place in coursing and agility events.

As the visibility of this clever and loveable dog grows, so too do the number of people who want to share their homes with one. Portugese Podengo ownership has been steadily growing in America since it was first introduced in 1990.

Plus, the Podengo is considered the healthiest of all breeds. Playful and fun-loving, they have no genetically transmitted or hereditary diseases to worry about, making them a perfect family pet. Plus, the Podengo often lives into its late teens, even among the Grande type dogs.

As of now, the Podengo is not a recognized AKC breed. One hopes that will change as the dog becomes more visible and more stud records are kept. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of outlets for showing your Podengo. The Portugese Podengo Club of America is the best place to learn about these events and to get in touch with other Podengo owners.

Lively, intelligent, and fun: the Portugese Podengo truly is a superstar dog!

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