Friday's Rescue Challenge Winner

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing how you’re celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, which is sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

As you all know, Big Paw Designs , Romeo the Cat and teamed up to encourage everyone to find ways to celebrate our local rescues and shelters and to let them know how much we love and appreciate all they do! So do anything you can – no matter how big or small – to show them you care.

We wish the week lasted longer because there are so many people we want to showcase who are doing awesome things. There are two wonderful people we wanted to tell you about who are gearing up for some great activities this weekend.

Vicki Boatright, an artist in Canton, Ohio (and twitter@brewksiebutt’s mom), is opening up her art studio tonight for Canton’s monthly First Friday gallery walk event. Tonight she is doing something special and hosting her local rescue, Friends of the Pound of Stark County, and some adoptable dogs in her studio during the gallery walk. Brewskie is not that excited about having dogs in his staff’s studio but he’ll tolerate it for the good of the animals.

Cody Keith, of Cody Keith Design in Austin, Texas, and a team of friends and colleagues are rallying together to help rebuild Centex Humane Society in Killeen, Texas, whose facility was recently devastated by a fire. Cody and his friends are also helping solicit donations and volunteers and are working on a design idea for a memorial for the pets that were lost in the fire.
Countless others of you volunteer and donate on a regular basis and support and cheer on our wonderful shelters and rescues all the time. I want to recognize your ongoing efforts too!
Together we can make a difference. Thank you all for participating and reading and for your continued support of animals.


One comment

  1. Dear Big Paw Blog:
    Thank you for underscoring NASAW. Indeed, we all wish it would last longer.
    Here is an article I just came across about an animal rescue that illustrates how tough things are becoming in our current economy for those who are on the No-Kill side of the fence. Here is the link: I will be posting on this tomorrow on my site.

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