Enter the Rescue Challenge this week!

This week, November 1-7, is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. All of us pets here at Big Paw Designs and our partners at Romeo the Cat (Romeo & Pugsley) and I are asking all of YOU to show your local shelter or rescue how much you appreciate them by donating your time, money, support or goods. It can be as simple as donating a bag of dog food, taking them your extra old towels or playing with kittens for an hour. The point is to do something. Many of you do things on a regular basis anyway so tell us about what you do to support them and that certainly counts too.

We all know the wonderful people who work and volunteer at shelters work their tails off day in and day out. We often take them for granted so let’s show them our appreciation!

Our challenge to you is to go do something between now and November 7th and then email us about it. Romeo the Cat and the the big paw blog and our rescue blog will feature all of your good deeds every day.

And, in addition to featuring you, all submissions will be entered into a daily drawing for your choice of a Rescue Mom or Rescue Dad car magnet or sticker.

Imagine what we can all do if we each do a little bit. We are so excited to feature all of your wonderful activities.

So give back to your local community, however small or large, and give yourself a paw high five!


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