Secrets of a happy Yorkie

What can you do to keep your Yorkshire Terrier happy and well mannered? Well, here are some easy ways to keep your little dog happy and healthy that won’t try your patience. If you keep them properly fed and watered, exercised, cleaned and groomed, and shown plenty of affection, Yorkshire Terriers will reward you by giving you their unconditional love and companionship. Here are some great tips that you can use to achieve these things.

Feeding Yorkshire Terriers is far simpler than their fussy reputation would lead you to believe. Many people find dogs on Yorkie Puppies for Sale and have a great time loving and feeding them. They will eat most propriety canned dog food as long as it’s served up in small enough portions. You donít want to overwhelm them. Strangely, they will eat canned cat food too, often preferring it to dog food. Yorkshire Terriers will also happily eat most dried dog or cat food, so the choice is quite varied. Never give the dog titbits or treats before eating their meal, or they will accept that as normal behaviour and can get into the habit of stubbornly refusing their food until they have been given a treat. Conversely, it is acceptable treat the dog after it has eaten. Feeding times should be kept fairly regular, twice a day to ensure the dog has his routine. Always have a bowl of water topped up and kept in the same place, so the dog knows where he can get a drink. Thus feeding becomes one of the routines introduced into the dogís day, which is something that will be expanded upon below.
Dogs of all breeds like a routine and Yorkshire Terriers are no different. While they can sleep a lot during the day, they like to be kept occupied when they are awake. A bored dog is a potentially destructive dog, whatever the size. Keeping Yorkshire Terriers exercised not only keeps them fit and healthy but also stops them getting bored. A walk twice a day, once in the morning, then again in the evening is the minimum of outdoor exercise that you should aim for. The walk doesn’t have to be over a long distance because their small size means they will get enough exercise just walking around the block. If you want to keep fit along with your dog, you can go further. Yorkshire Terriers can keep going over surprisingly long distances when necessary.

With all that exercise, your Yorkshire Terrier will need to be kept clean and groomed to keep its coat in shiny, healthy condition. A bath once a week is sufficient to stop them becoming smelly, while a daily brush with a medium to soft brush will keep the coat shiny and free of tangles, especially when it gets long. Grooming also strengthens the bond between you and the dog, while keeping it occupied at the same time.

Showing your Yorkshire Terrier plenty of affection and spending as much time with it as possible is important in building and developing your relationship with the dog. They will reward you by being more obedient and loving and can entertain you for ages by playing with a small toy or ball. Spending lots of quality time with your dog during the day will also lead to him sleeping more at night.

These simple tips will benefit both you and your dog. By introducing routine into the Yorkshire Terrier’s life, he is less likely to be fussy about when, where and what he eats. He is also less likely to be destructive or bad tempered when you’re back is turned. By getting all the exercise, attention and affection he needs during the day he will also be more likely to sleep longer and more soundly overnight. Of course you then benefit by having a loving, well mannered, healthy and loving pet, while getting more uninterrupted sleep time at night. A win-win situation!

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