Pampering Your Pooch With a Party

Most of us love nothing better than a big birthday bash, where we can have fun socializing with our friends. Dogs are no different; they enjoy socializing with their friends too! As they are valued and much loved members of the family, it is up to us to ensure that all their birthdays are special occasions. If you don’t know your dog’s birthday, you can either use the day you got him/her or simply choose any date in the year.

Steps to take
Step 1: Think carefully about the type of party you want for your dog, as this will obviously influence location and numbers – this could be in the back yard, park, a day out with a long walk, or even a hired room suitable for a doggie bash.
Step 2: Send out invites with an RSVP well in advance of the party, to allow you enough time to plan everything properly.
Step 3: When your guests arrive give them time to mingle before you start any games or activities.
Step 4: Have plenty of games and activities on hand and think about involving any children and possibly owners, to allow everyone to feel involved in the party.
Step 5: Put some food out for each dog, to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the party cuisine.
Step 6: Prepare the cake for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to your dog, and then cut a piece for everyone to eat at the party or take home with them a special doggie cakes can be ordered from places that specialize in canine confectionary and include ingredients such as banana and peanut butter.
Step 7: Prepare your party favors and hand them out to your guests before they leave. You could include collar charms, doggie treats, balls, bandanas, etc.

-If you are not planning a party for your dog at home, check out alternative locations for safety and suitability.
– If there are any items that you feel each dog owner should bring along to the party with them, be sure to include it on the invite.
– Always consider the various sizes of dogs at the party and ensure that all games, activities and food are suitable for everyone.
– Remember that your guests will also include dog owners and possibly children; so bear this in mind when catering.
– Have plenty of water and shade available if you are planning an outdoor party during hot weather.
– It is probably a good idea to keep the dogs away from the table and make them sit and wait while you bring the food to them – this will avoid any disagreements or accidents.
o Set up a different area for the human food, to avoid any confusion.
– Have party favors, which are suitable for different sized dogs.

– Don’t have more dogs than you feel you can handle.
– Don’t invite any dogs that your dog does not get on with, even if the owner is a friend.
– Take care when inviting children, particularly if they are small, in case all the dogs are not friendly towards them.
– Make sure the area is secured.
– Don’t allow the dogs to eat the human food, as this could be very bad for their health.
– Don’t light any candles near the dogs and take care if having a barbecue.
– If your dog is timid, don’t plan a big party with lots of very boisterous dogs.

Things you will need
– Invites
– Equipment for games and activities
– Bowls and/or suitable plates
o Water
o Shaded area – for hot weather
– Party food for adults, children and dogs
– Fancy dress outfit if having fancy dress
– Party collar
-Bow optional
– Balloons
– Doggie treats
– Party favors
– Birthday cake
– Camera
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