No Hair, All Fun The Wonderful Sphynx

Of all the cat breeds in the hobby, the Sphynx has to be among the most unique, and those who have met a Sphynx will never forget the experience. The most marked feature of the breed, of course, is its lack of hair, but it also possesses large ears, a unique body style, high intelligence and a legendary playfulness.

It is important to note that despite its appearance the Sphynx is not always totally without hair. Many Sphynx cats possess a light down fuzz, and still others have an even heavier hair coat. No matter how much or how little hair the Sphynx possesses, however, the texture of the skin is truly unique. The Sphynx has been compared to many things, such as suede, chamois and velvet, and many people refer to them as a living hot water bottle. With no hair between human and cat, the Sphynx feels warmer to the touch than other cats, making them a great lap warmer as well as a treasured companion.

The Sphynx is also widely known for its kitten like charms, and these cats can retain their playful nature throughout their entire lives. These cats love to play, and they love to be underfoot, examining everything the humans in their lives are doing. The Sphynx is quite doglike in its behavior, and many can learn to play fetch and even walk on a leash. Those cat lovers with a taste for the exotic should definitely give the Sphynx a look.

It is important to note that the Sphynx is not necessarily a hypoallergenic cat, even though many people with cat allergies seem to tolerate the breed. It is important for any cat allergic would be owners to spend some time around the breed before making a final decision.
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