Calcium Levels in Dogs

Calcium is as important in your pet’s diet as it is in your own, especially in smaller dogs. As calcium is an essential mineral that cannot be manufactured by your dog’s body, it must be supplied in your dog’s diet.

Check with your vet about the proper daily intake of calcium for your dog. Be sure to check the labels of your choice of foods to make sure that the preferred level of calcium is present for your dog.

Calcium is a major builder of bones in younger dogs, and helps to keep older bones strong. It helps with blood clotting and proper nerve and muscle function. It also helps to build and maintain strong, healthy teeth.

Smaller dogs will generally require more calcium in their diets than larger breeds because they have less bone mass in their bodies. Less bone mass means less calcium over all and less that can be stored. The level of usable calcium in your dog’s bones is always changing due to the needs of his body.

Whatever your dog’s size, it is critical that he maintains proper calcium levels. Bones can become weakened and susceptible to breaking when the levels fall too low.

Be careful in feeding your dog. His diet needs as much attention as your own.
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