A Nutritious Alternative – Spirulina

Spirulina is a deceptively simple food, containing a huge amount of nutrients. It is good not only for humans, but dogs, cats, horses, fish, and other pets as a dietary supplement. It established itself on this planet over 3 billion years ago and has resisted all of nature’ss attempts to mutate or to be killed off.

Spirulina is rich in a number of vitamins, minerals, and other building blocks of the healthy body. With 3 times the protein value of beef, 50 times the iron value of spinach, 10 times the calcium of milk, as much vitamin E as wheat germ, and 100 times the beta carotene value of carrots, it is as close to a super-food as is likely to be found in nature. It is digested easily, and the nutrients it contains are readily absorbable.

This blue-green vegetable plankton has been linked to stimulation of the immune system, assisting in cleansing the body of heavy metals, detoxification after an antibiotic course, boosting energy levels overall, and combating anemia.

In animals it can produce unrivaled coat conditioning. Horses, dogs and cats all respond with smoother coats and enhanced hair color over time. It is an ideal supplement for performance, breeding and high stress situations. It is also said to be effective as a nerve tonic in high strung animals, promoting a calm demeanor.

In gestating and nursing females, it boosts blood production and oxygenation, and helps to produce richer milk for the young. In weanlings and other young animals, it affords vital nutrients that can be easily absorbed by their systems. This promotes growth without intestinal issues.

Spirulina has also proven effective for seasonal allergies and breathing issues in horses and cattle. It has been useful in the treatment of ulcers in grazing animals caused by a lack of graze.

Anti-infective, antiviral and antibiotic properties have been recorded in several species. As a healing and recovery agent, it seems priceless. The boost to bodily systems has proven it to promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation.

Spirulina is generally available in powder or tablet form.


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