How to Find the Perfect Pet Gift

Once upon a time, the perfect pet gift idea amounted to no more than a dog bone or a ball stuffed with catnip. Today, with more than six out of every ten households owning a pet (approximately 64.2 million), pet owners feed a booming industry that treats pets as humans and no longer “settles” for standard pet gifts.

With pets becoming more and more woven into the fabric of families, their owners are looking for new and innovative ways to show their love for their furry friends. Today’s pets celebrate major holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries right along with the rest of their human relatives. For these special family members, stale dog treats and fake rubber mice just don’t cut it anymore. Their owners won’t allow it.

Modern pampered pets are more likely to receive:

* Charms to hang from collars * Collars made of precious gems or unique materials * Pet cologne * Christmas stockings * Clothes or specialty bandanas * Toys

Just how do people decide what pet gift idea works best for their pets? Believe it or not, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a gift for the family pet.

* First, begin by evaluating your pet’s pastimes. Does the cat like to chase balls? Perhaps a cat toy would be in order. Does the family dog celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family? Consider buying a stocking so that he has a place for his own presents.

* Second, consider your pet’s temperament. For example, if you own a cat that tends to bite or chew at her collars, buying one made of precious materials may not be wise. However, a unique leather collar with a cute charm may be just what the vet ordered. A pet gift idea that suits a pet’s temperament guarantees that your pet will be happy with his new present.

* Third, take inventory of what your pet already has. Does Fido already have three blue bandanas? Maybe something with a floral print is in order. Does Morris already have three toy mice? Chances are he’d get bored with another.

* Finally, consider the personality of the pet. If you have a pet that really enjoys eating, perhaps food treats would make the best gift. Likewise, make sure to consider your pet’s personality when choosing any collars and charms. Is he a “Rub my Tummy” buddy or a “Squirrel Patrol” machine.

It’s no question, pets have nuzzled their way into the hearts—and wallets—of pet lovers all over the world. As they become more humanized in society, the accessibility to a growing market of pet gifts will become easier than ever. Understanding how to come up with the perfect pet gift idea is one way to make sure you and your pet are happy with your purchase. Need more ideas? Visit for more information and a variety of unique gifts specially designed for the pet in your life.


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