The Australian Mist: Australiaís Own Lover-boy

The Australian Mist, originally known as the Spotted Mist, is a relatively new breed of cat. Originating in the city of Sydney, Australia around the mid-1980ís, they came about when breeder, Dr. Truda Straede of the Nintu Cattery, took cats of the Burmese bloodline and then crossed them with others that were Abyssinian and domestic short hair. The end result was a perfect mixture of feline genes; the basic size and shape of the Burmese cat, along with his affectionate nature and diluted color, coupled with the intelligence, ticked coat, and limber body of the Abyssinian and the Domestic Shorthair’s hardiness. The cat’s name was changed in 1998, from the original Spotted Mist to the name Australian Mist, when cats that had marbled coats were accepted in as part of the breed standard. To date, he holds the honors as being the only breed of purebred, pedigreed cat, to have ever developed entirely in the country of Australia.
This beautiful little cat is a laid-back little individual that loves laps and lounging about. Their temperament is known to be so docile, that even toms are quite often capable of living in small groups with other toms without problem. They make beautiful pets for homes that have children, due to their loving temperament, and will often endure being dressed in doll clothes or seemingly endless mauling, just so he can get a little closer and figure out what his human litter mates are up to. The Australian Mist is often noted as being fun-loving, while also being laid-back and relaxed; while kittens can be rambunctious, adults calm as they mature and are often quite quiet and pacifistic. Due to this docility, it is best that your Australian Mist be restricted to being an indoor-only cat or, if he goes out, that he must always to so on a leash. Failure to do so could result in his becoming injured, something that no one wants.
The Australian Mist has an unforgettable face; his nose, chin, and the pads for his whiskers are pronounced and broad, giving him a very generous and inquisitive expression. This beautiful breed of cat comes in two varieties: marbled (classic tabby pattern) and spotted. Their beautiful markings, whether they are the distinctive spots or the more subtle swirling marble hues, are vivid against a creamy background that seems almost misty in appearance. The legs are ringed and bear distinctive bars, as well as the cat’s unique little face.
The tail of the Mist varies between the two varieties, the spotted sporting a ringed tail, whereas the marbled Australian Mist has a tail that is irregularly scalloped. Both varieties tails are well-furred and this beautiful variety comes in one of 6 different colors: blue, warm brown, chocolate, gold, peach and lilac. Both varieties are now accepted for show and championship status in their native Australia, as well as being recognized in Catz, of New Zealand. Hopefully, this breed will continue to grow and prosper, so they are more commonly seen across Europe and the United States.

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