Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

Gardens may be nice to look at but how safe are they for man’s best friends? There will be several things you will need to keep in mind when creating your pet friendly garden. Design is key, so while designing your garden, take into account your furry friends. First thing is first and that is the plants. Research and find out if any of your plants or anything else you may have in your garden is poisonous to your pets. It is okay if you do have anything poisonous, you just need to take it a step further and build a fence around your garden. Fences are valuable for several reasons. They keep animals from getting into your business, doing their business, and making a total mess out of your pretty little garden. Make sure your fence is tall enough to keep out your pet. If you have an athletic dog, make sure the fence is tall enough that your dog cannot jump over it. Another thing to double check is that any spaces in the fence will keep out cats and other small animals. If you do not need or want a fence, consider some pet friendly paths. You surely do not want your pets to trample your precious plants. If you create passageways, it would be wise to invest in a stone or brick path rather than have your animals traipse dirt into your house. Once you are finished planting new shrubbery you certainly do not want your pets to mess with it. Place chicken wire around the area temporarily to teach your pets that that area is off limits. Bare earth is an open welcome mat for animals who like to dig. Place your plants close together so your pets do not have enough space to make a pigsty. Also, try to keep moist soil, since pets prefer dry loose soil to burrow in. You can also use straw or mulch to shield the ground from the little curmudgeons. If worse comes to worse, consider making your pet his or her very own digging pit in your yard. Mulch is the best way to go when you have animals using your yard as their home; it will not harm your best friends of the outdoors. Sod will prove to produce a better result rather than seed when your pets are using the same lawn to do their business. Gardening and owning pets are some of the many pleasures of having a yard. Homeowners certainly do not want to ruin either of them. This information will help in providing a safe and happy yard for plants, animals, and the family alike.

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  1. Wonderful idea to teach on this subject. My Ozzbourne usually likes to play with my scissors that I’m using in the yard instead of with the garden. He would also rather be inside with us. When we are away he stays inside & prefers to sleep on our bed. Brat-spoiled dog.

  2. Thanks for talking about this subject.Personally i believe it’s better to teach the animals that them are not aloud in that area then putting fences all around.Or let them just use the paths and yes it’s preferable to have stone paths for preventing to bring the dirth in your house

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