The English Mastiff – Gentle Giant

The size alone of an English Mastiff makes this dog an incredible guardian. A full grown male English Mastiff can weigh well over 200 pounds, with the female of the breed weighing slightly less. English Mastiff’s are known for their loyalty to their human family and will place themselves in harm’s way anytime they perceive a threat. They are just as happy outside as they are indoors, where they will be content just to lay still and watch their family. Their size is a huge consideration for anyone considering an English Mastiff. While gentle around infants and toddlers, this dog, because of its size, may be better suited to families with older children. It is important to research and consider the needs of your family and your new pet. The amount of food needed to maintain an English Mastiff’s health and well-being should play a part in the decision also. An English Mastiff can eat anywhere from eight to ten cups of food daily, depending on the food. A high quality food with less fillers is a good choice. Training an English Mastiff can take extra effort, because of their size, but if trained early and socialized as a puppy can become a wonderful companion for any member of the family.

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