What Do Pet Owners Want From The Pet Sitters?

As a pet owner, I often have occasion to need a pet-sitter.  A good pet-sitter can make a good living with repeat business if they maintain good relationships with the pets and their owners.  There are some things you should find out when taking a job. The pet owner will be glad you asked. Below are a few suggestions.

1. Do you have a regular vet? Under what circumstances do you want me to call the vet? (Example: How sick is sick enough to call the vet.)

2. Are payments to the vet reimbursed to me, or do you have an account with the vet?

3. Are there any medical problems with your pet?

4. Is your pet good with children/ other animals?

5. Where can I contact you if there is a problem?

6. Does your pet have a microchip in case he gets away from me?

7. Do any neighbors have a key to the house?

8. Does your pet spend most of his time inside or outside of the house?

9. What kinds of games does your pet like to play?

10. How much food does your pet typically get?

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