Pet Insurance: A helpful overview

by guest blogger Lea Jaratz of Embrace Pet Insurance

While pet insurance has been available in the US for about 20 years, very few pet parents really know what it’s really all about. Pet insurance is actually quite flexible. All pet insurance companies in the United States permit you to visit any veterinarian in the country including general, specialist, and emergency vets. Pet Insurance works on an indemnity basis, so you pay the claim up front and the company reimburses you after applying your deductible and co-pay, until you reach your policy’s annual or lifetime maximum.

So what does it cover?

Pet Insurance helps you plan for unexpected veterinary costs associated with accidents or illnesses. Some companies also include routine or preventative bills for an additional premium. Minor claims might be things like ear infections, gastritis or stomach problems, or a strain or sprain. But, more importantly, pet insurance can help you plan for the costly expenses, including cancer treatments, orthopedic surgeries, or a foreign body ingestion. It’s there for the big and small, but ultimately gives you peace of mind knowing your pet’s veterinary costs are covered.

Now what doesn’t it cover?

Pet insurance excludes pre-existing conditions, as well as optional or elective procedures, such as tail docking or ear cropping. Other exclusions usually include genetic testing, transplants, or costs associated with breeding your pet. Some companies also exclude routine care, hereditary conditions, or other specific conditions, depending on your pet, so be sure to read your policy.

What if my pet already has a health issue?

Pet Insurance excludes pre-existing conditions, so if your pet has already had a condition, it’s too late to have that condition covered in the future. The good news is that you can still purchase a policy for other, unrelated conditions that might occur. Don’t buy into the myth that sick pets or older pets can’t get coverage.

Is pet insurance really worth it?

That’s up to you. You could start by getting a quote for coverage at www.EmbracePetInsurance.comtrixie-surgery-023sunnee, or researching different pet insurance companies at

Pet insurance isn’t for everyone, but when a major vet bill could seriously impact your finances, it’s worth considering.
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