The Panther in the House – A Look at the Beautiful Bombay

Many lovers or domestic cats are naturally drawn to the beauty and majesty of wild felines, but those denizens of the jungle make notoriously bad house pets. Those cat lovers who crave the beauty of the black panther, combined with the gentle nature of the house cat may want to welcome a Bombay into the home.

The Bombay in fact shares many characteristics with the legendary black panther, including the striking deep copper eyes and the luscious black coat. These cats are a striking addition to any home, and those who know the breed have fallen in love with their beauty, charm and intelligence.

In fact, many Bombays can be leash trained, providing a safe way to let the neighbors enjoy their beauty. These wonderful felines also love to play fetch with their human owners, combining the playfulness of a kitten with the charm of a dog. In fact, many confirmed “dog people” have been instantly transformed into cat lovers after meeting these inquisitive creatures. The Bombay is far from shy, and many in fact like to greet visitors at the door. This bold nature makes them the perfect choice for sharing space with dogs and other pets, while their gentle nature makes them a great kid friendly choice as well.

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