Grain-Free Doggie Eats

Grain-Free Doggie Eats
by guest blogger Chris Roberts from Barkwheats Dog Biscuits

Let’s face it – we all love our dogs so much that we would do anything for them. They give us the love we need when we’re down, enjoy playing for hours on end, and are always excited to see us, no matter if we were gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours! Dogs are more a part of family life than ever before, and it’s important to understand the need to feed them appropriately so they can live as healthy a life as possible.

Grains were never meant to be a part of a dogs diet. Dogs are mainly carnivores, but can certainly eat some fruits and vegetables too. We just have to make sure the fruits and vegetables are appropriate for them – as in, no onions, avocados, grapes, etc (these foods are toxic to dogs). Google has a wealth of information on what dogs should not eat. So why are so many dog biscuits and food made primarily with grains?

Grains are cheap, provide a source of protein, and they fill out a recipe so that more can be made for less money. Decades ago when large, commercial pet food manufacturers began making convenient “kibble” dog food and treats, they figured grains were fine for dogs to consume. They were wrong. The grain-based diet that has become the standard is the cause for most allergies, skin itching, body licking, dull coats, among many other health issues. Whenever someone tells me their dog is having some sort of skin issue, I always tell them to take the grains out of the diet and see if that helps. It always does.

What is it about grains that cause problems? Wheat is the major culprit because it contains gluten. Gluten is the sticky protein that causes bread dough to hold together. Many dogs develop an allergy to it, most commonly causing skin rashes and diarrhea. Also, the protein interferes with the absorption of nutrients in the rest of the food your dog eats.

So what can you do about it? There are so many choices for grain-free diets and treats available today! The best diet to feed a dog is a raw diet of meat, bones, organs, with some fruits and vegetables. I personally feed about 70% meat/30% fruits & veggies in my two dogs’ diets. If you find the prep time is too much for an “on-the-go” person as you may be (it takes me about 2 hours per week), there are grain-free choices in kibble form, too. Just ask your local, independent pet store and they will be sure to help.

The abundance of interest in healthful lifestyles for humans has turned many to desiring the healthiest diet for their pet as well. It’s incredibly easy to find wonderful food and marvelous snacks for your canine companion that will help them to lead a long, healthy life!

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  1. My yellow lab Apollo is on a grain free diet for allergies. He eats Taste of the Wild. Its hard finding grain free treats though.

  2. I can be a challenge to find the right food for your dog. Just looking on the internet you not only encounter posts such as this one (kudos, by the way), but also a myriad of product recalls, etc.I think the best tool here for the pet owner is logic – more specifically that dogs are carnivorous (as mentioned in the post).Good post and keep them coming! I think a pet’s diet deserves as much attention as that of the owner.Kind RegardsLeoH

  3. We dont feed “grain free” because we dont HAVE to, but we do feed INNOVA which is the best ever dog food out there (if you ask my pooch!) Its all human grade food and it makes him SOO soft and shiny. I love it

  4. Thanks for the kind words! Re: Saint Lover, not too hard finding grain free treats when you’re looking in the right places 🙂 see the link below.Re: LeoH it is a challenge for sure. And you’re right. Logic is the best. We want to be sure our pets live the longest they can, so we feed them the best food possible! That goes in line with…Re: lindsayanng Innova certainly does make a great product. While I feel that grain free is the best way to go, my sister feeds Innova to her GSP and she (her pup) just LOVES it, too! Like you said, so long as it’s really good stuff and no crazy things like entrails and all (though organ meat is always good in small amounts) that by-product nasty stuff, it’s all good 🙂 Thanks for reading.Barkwheats

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