The West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is a small-sized dog that is commonly referred to as a Westie. The males typically weigh between 19 pounds when fully grown; and the females weigh about 16 1/2 pounds when fully grown. These terriers reach about 11 inches in height for a fully-grown dog.

The coat of a West Highland White Terrier is always white in coloring. Although it is harsh and rough to the touch, the coat regains its quality after a thorough washing. Regular grooming is necessary to keep the Westie’s coat white. Grooming is fairly simple as long as you maintain a regular routine. Professional trimming is not necessary, but it does help to provide a neat appearance.

The West Highland White Terrier does enjoy exercise, provided he has company. He responds well to attention and makes an excellent companion for families or individuals living on their own. In fact, this breed is thought to be very undemanding.

Don’t be fooled by his small size however. He has a sharp voice and if he deems it necessary, he will use it to warn off strangers. However, he does not look for confrontation either with people or other dogs.

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