Doggone Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

You include your pampered pooch in just about everything in your life, why not indulge in a few Valentine’s gifts too? Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to justify buying adorable heart-shaped collar charms for your dog. Three of our favorites are the Diva, the Precious, and the Rescue pewter collar charms.

These charms also make nice gifts for the dog lover in your life. Use the charms in the ribbon when you wrap a traditional gift for your sweetheart and you’ll earn brownie points for including the dog in your shopping.

Our mutt love sticker will capture the hearts of just anyone! Plus they are available in other breeds, such as Lab and Pug.

How about filling a Green Daisy Olly Dog Travel Bowl with delicious treats? You can fill it with doggie treats for your pet or give it to your dog-loving sweetheart filled with chocolate (just make sure your pet does not get a hold of the chocolate!). Once again, you’ll earn those brownie points!

You can see more Valentine’s Day gifts online.

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