Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

While many people love the enthusiasm of a puppy that tries to jump in their arms, this habit is not so cute when that little puppy grows into a large and powerful dog. It is best to nip this problem in the bud, before it becomes ingrained.

Many dog owners inadvertently reward this unwanted behavior by petting and cooing over the puppy when it jumps up to greet them. While there is certainly a strong temptation to reward this behavior, it is important to avoid that temptation and instead react with a strong “no”. It may take a few times for the dog to understand that this behavior is unwelcome, especially if it has been allowed to continue previously, but most dogs will understand rather quickly.

At the same time the firm “no” is given, the owner of the dog should take the dog’s paws and place them firmly on the ground, repeating the procedure if the dog attempts to jump up again. The keys to successful training the dog to avoid this unwanted behavior are consistency and firmness. It is important for every member of the family to understand the importance of this training and to avoid reinforcing this bad behavior. Training the various members of the family, as well as visitors and guests, can be as daunting a task as training the dog itself.

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