30 Dog and Puppy Training Tips

If you want your dog to respect you and obey your commands, you have to respect your dog. Persistence is imperative in dog and puppy training, as is repetition. Here are 30 tips that will help you train your dog or puppy and assure he is obedient the first time he hears a command each and every time. This will promote bonding between you and your new best friend.

1. Never ignore your dog or puppy’s good behavior. Pat, praise and give a treat.

2. Never reward unacceptable behavior.

3. Never punish good behavior.

4. Follow through on every command you give. Don’t let your dog ignore you or you will lose all control of the situation.

5. Never call your dog to you in order to punish him.

6. Never give a command that you’re not prepared to enforce.

7. Never punish your dog for behavior that is out of his control or that is caused by an illness, such as vomiting or defecating.

8. Always interrupt your dog or puppy if her behavior is unacceptable. Example: digging or chewing on a slipper.

9. Always provide food, water, shelter and other basic needs to ensure your dog is well behaved.

10. Be sure your dog feels safe and secure and that he is safe and secure. It’s your responsibility and will promote good behavior.

11. Make sure your dog is well exercised. He should be walked at least twice a day and have regular off-leash exercise regimes. This promotes good behavior. Bored dogs will get into trouble.

12. Each time you and your dog or puppy plays or interacts, you are shaping his character. Always be sure your actions are positive.

13. Assure that your dog or puppy learns how to socialize with humans and other dogs. Teach him how to act around other animals such as cats.

14. Remember, your dog looks at you as the leader of his pack. Act appropriately.

15. Follow through with all commands that you give your dog. If he doesn’t get it the first time, try again. Repetitive actions are a large part of dog and puppy training.

16. Use repetition constantly. Drill your dog or puppy on appropriate behavior again and again and… well, you get the idea. This gives your dog or puppy good canine skills.

17. Always correct inappropriate behavior with sharp, short commands, using your dog’s name before each.

18. Be sure your dog responds immediately to your commands. It could save his life.

19. Be certain you have control over your dog at all times.

20. Never strike or hit your dog for any reason. Physical abuse promotes fear and fear promotes aggression.

21. Food or treats should never control a command. These are given to reinforce good behavior.

22. Give rewards to encourage appropriate canine behavior. When you dog is successful in following your instructions, give him a small bit of cheese or a bit of apple.

23. Be sure that training sessions are never interrupted. Each session should have a specific goal. For instance one session might be on leash training; another might be on coming when called.

24. Work with your dog until you get an immediate response each time your speak the dog’s name

25. Each command you give should be preceded by your dog’s name. Example: Laddy, sit, Laddy, down, Laddy, come. This teaches your dog or puppy that you are speaking to him and avoids confusion.

26. Always be aware of your dog’s actions and behavior.

27. Be aware of your behavior. Your actions affect those of your dog.

28. Dogs or puppies that are left alone for much of the day should be crate trained to promote a friendly and safe atmosphere.

29. Discourage mouthing in puppies. This can lead to biting in older dogs and that spells trouble for both you and your dog.

30. When you’re training your dog, you’re essentially teaching him self control. Don’t attempt to train your dog if you lack self control. Instead, take him to a professional trainer.

These tips, if followed, will give you the basis to work with your dog in order to get a positive response from him that will ensure your commands are followed in a prompt and reasonable manner every time your speak your dog’s name.

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