Choosing The Right Bed For Your Cat

Buying a new bed for your kitten is not as easy as you might think. There are many points to consider when buying a new cat bed. Does it frustrate you to see your kitty sleep on furniture, rather than her own bed ? I know it frustrates me.

First, you should consider the types of cat beds. There is a great variety of types, but the most popular are:

– Beanbag
– Cardboard box
– Radiator Cradle
– Sleeping bag

When buying a cat bed, always consider the easiness of cleaning. If not washed properly and regulary, some beds may harbor fleas.

Another thing you should keep your mind on, is the size of the cat bed. Always buy a large one, even though the kitty is too small for it. You want to keep it for years, because that way your pet will adopt to it.

The key to making your cat sleep in it, is to buy it when the kitty is still young. Train your cat to sleep in her own bed while she is still young, as this will increase the chances of creating a sleeping habit right in that particular place.


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