Used Dogs Rescue Christmas Update

Happy Xmas Eve everyone!

Our friends at Used Dogs rescue in New Orleans have given us a holiday update on the pooches and wish list! Make sure and visit their petfinder and My Space pages too. As you know, several Big Paw Designs items help support Used Dogs, but there are still some basic needs. 2008 has been a great year for USED DOGS. Many dogs have been adopted into great homes with some amazing adoptions, making ideal matches between the four and two legged.
So thanks to Madalin from Used Dogs – here is the scoop…….
Woof! Carol

Our LOW to NO COST SPAY/NEUTER program has also been very successful. That program focuses on low income owned pets. Those pets are the ones that enter the shelter in very high percentages and often are the most at risk for euthanasia. USED DOGS is the only organization in the New Orleans area providing this service.

But we cannot continue to do all of this without your support.

Please consider donating from our Christmas 2008 Wish List.

Ava Lucille (In the red hat Looking for a good home)

Suzie and Curly (Already adopted!)

Merchandise Needed:
Collapsible Crates
ProSelect Empire Cage
Collars: Mid size, 16 -18 adjustable, Martingale no-slip collars
Harnesses: Size-Right, Med. & Lg. only available from PetSmart
Advantage Flea Control
Medium to Large Dog Beds
Dog Toys: Kongs or toys from
Food Bowls: Stainless Steel
Water Buckets:;Stainless Steel
Food: Wellness, Nutro, ProPlan Purina One, Pedigree
Dog Treats: Biscuits, Bully Sticks, Pig ears, Hooves, Knuckle bones, etc
Training Treats: Pro-Treat Training Treats

Bookkeeping Volunteers
Advice also needed
Legal Advice
Graphic Designer Volunteers
Internet Newsletter Volunteers
Photography Volunteers
Media Relation Volunteers

We always need DONATIONS

You can go to our Petfinder page and donate through the Paypal link or mail to:

USED DOGS P.O. Box 741163 New Orleans, LA 70174

And Buster thanks you too!


USED DOGS is a very unique organization. We follow a situation through it’s symptoms to the cause. For example, when we find puppies we also spend the time to find the mother and do whatever it takes to ensure that she gets spayed. We provide a second chance for many animals that otherwise would not get that second chance, due to time, space or cost effectiveness. For example, it is not very cost effective to do a 6-month rehab in a chaotic facility. In a chaotic environment, these abused animals will likely get worse. USED DOGS provides a VERY calm and fun environment for these dogs. Cost effectiveness is very important to us as well, just in a different way. We have a great rehab and adoption success rate. We do not try and rehab animals that we know would not respond well. We refer those animals to sanctuaries or TNR programs. Since we are a private shelter without the support and funding public shelters are given, we do not have as many resources or money to be able to keep up with the innumerable needs within the animal community here in New Orleans. With your donations we can rescue and rehabilitate more dogs, find more homes and be more proactive in getting all of the strays spayed and neutered.

Meanwhile New Orleans’ unwanted and homeless animals continue to have myriad unmet needs. USED DOGS creates programs to meet the needs, as opposed to only serving those needs that match our programs. USED DOGS has a very proactive focus on SPAY/NEUTER. USED DOGS also has a MAJOR focus on low-income pet owners. Why? Because most of the animals that enter shelters and therefore become at risk for euthanasia, come from low-income owned pets. USED DOGS feels that unless this group is addressed and we get much more proactive about SPAY/NEUTER, euthanasia statistics here will never change.

A donation to USED DOGS will directly benefit these animals and important programs to assist them. USED DOGS does not have large administrative or fundraising budgets. You can be assured that your donation will directly fund animal care and spay/neuter.


Madalin Bernard

Executive Director




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