New Rescue Contest Entry – German Shepherd Rescue Central Texas

Contest Entry for Pet Rescue Contest
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Rescue’s Name: Sugar

Rescued From: German Shepherd Rescue Central Texas

Sugar ‘s story:

Sugar was a foster dog of mine through German Shepherd Rescue Central Texas ( She was first adopted to a woman who’s husband (they met on the internet) was a policeman. He’d wanted a canine company for a long time. The wife finally relented (reluctantly). The wife then completely changed her mind, after the husband had totally fallen in love with Sugar. The rescue group and I took her back. Her second adoption was a total flop. I let a friend adopt Sugar only their personalities clashed completely. If Sugar could misbehave, she did so at every opportunity. The rescue and I took Sugar back. Her third adoption seemed to be a match made in heaven. She had a canine companion as well as a young, energetic human couple. Two years after her adoption and the purchase of a house, this couple banned Sugar and her companion to the back yard. Sugar learned to bark. She barked all day and all night. The rescue and I took her back. This foster (me) couldn’t bear to send Sugar away anymore. So my new boyfriend (who fell in love with her) and I adopted her. She’s NEVER misbehaved for me ever! She gets along very well with my whole pack. Sugar is the best!


  1. It is amazing to me that people (1st and 3rd) are so incredibly stupi? dumb? insensitive? when it comes to adopting a pet. They are not disposable, when will people learn that?Roxy

  2. I find it so upsetting to read that people can put an animal through such upheaval and distress just because they change their mind. Lets hope they never have children that don’t fit in with their lifestyle!

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