New Rescue Contest Entry – PAKS (People Assisting Kindred Spirits)

Contest Entry for Pet Rescue Contest
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Rescue’s Name: Ryelee

Rescued From: PAKS (People Assisting Kindred Spirits)

Ryelee’s story:

Ryelee (4 month old Rat Terrier) came to me, deaf and abused (2 days after the removal of his cast). He is happy, healthy, and has learned sign language. I cannot imagine our home without him.


One comment

  1. Hi. PAKS advertises puppies who are to be fixed, up to date on their shots and micro-chipped. Their puppies were fixed, we could tell, but they did NOT have their rabies shots and were not microchipped. PAKS stole our money and we had to pay for these services ourselves.

    I do not want other unsuspecting people to be taken advantage of by a couple of crooks who claim to be a non-profit organization assisting animals (how low can you be to use the guise of helping innocent animals as your front to rip people off!)

    Thanks for your consideration.

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