New Rescue Contest Entry – Suncoast Basset Rescue of Gainesville

Contest Entry for Pet Rescue Contest
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Rescued From: Suncoast Basset Rescue of Gainesville

Rescue’s Name: Hollis
5 years ago on Christmas Eve, a call came in about a hound in need at a local shelter. He was in danger of being put to sleep and had a severe case of demodex mange. A local volunteer went by the shelter to have a look at him and to be honest there isn’t very much about him that says “basset hound”. But it was Christmas Eve and so the red mangy hound was saved. His first foster home gave him the name of Hollis Brown from a Bob Dylan song. She went through every treatment of mange with him and tried to deal with his wild ways. Hollis had a tendency to be a tad destructive and very street smart. Soon he was sent to another foster home but that only lasted 36 hours. The Resident hound took an immediate dislike to Hollis and tried to make his life very difficult. So he then came to me….feisty healthy and still bald. We have gone to obedience school…because someone needed to learn something and Hollis did inform me that “I” needed to learn. He has become a “legend” with in Suncoast Basset Rescue with all of his escapades. As fund raisers he has had is own university Hollis Brown University to teach bassets how to be bassets. and recently he has also run for president. Because of him I have also stepped up and take a more active role with in the rescue. Last year at our annual Sweetheart Waddle,


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