Saving money on pet costs

This article is about how pet owners can save money. These tips are good for all types of pets and their owners.

Having a pet is a luxury. Especially if you’re the type who wants your pet to be on par with the Jones’s dog who wears the latest fashion and sports bling as naturally as the next human diva. Even though you want all of your loved ones, including the fuzzy ones, to have the best, it always is a good idea to save whenever you can.

Here are some tips to help you save money on your pet costs.

Ask your Vet about how to:

Clip your pet’s nails yourself. Your pet will continue to need their nails cut and the cost for that will add up. Save money by learning how to do it yourself.

Regularly brush your pet’s teeth. This activity will reduce your pet’s expensive dental cleaning appointments.

Clean your pet’s ears yourself. If your pet gets ear infections frequently, cleaning the ears at home will raise your pet’s comfort level and save you money.

Other money saving methods involve veterinary care:

Neuter or spay your pets. There are frequently low cost programs or offerings on the weekend – check your local shelter too! Problems like ovarian or prostate cancer are lessened.

Keep your pets contained. Not only are there leash laws, with less roaming, a pet is less likely to be hit by a car.

Do not feed your pet the cheapest food. Your pet will be healthier with quality food.

Do not over feed your pet. You will lessen the chance of obesity and the ills that come with it. It will also save you money to feed the correct amount.

Save for end of life care because such care, like euthanasia or cremation, can be expensive, from $500 to $1000.

Know that the American Animal Hospital Association is recommending that the core vaccinations be done every three years instead of every year. This is to avoid over vaccination. Ask your vet about it, and seek his recommendation. Do not skimp on vaccinations or health care if it is not advised. But do ask for the latest information on health and care as medical advances are made yearly.

When comparing prices for pet medications, make sure the amount and dosage is the same from the different vendors. Search the internet or ask your vet for advice. Many vet’s will honor online coupons and pricing.

Compare vet fees when looking for a vet. You will find some more expensive than others. Find out what in involved in their routine visits and compare services and quality. Do not skimp on quality and find a vet you feel comfortable with.

Other cost saving strategies:

When shopping for pet supplies, compare prices and quality at the different pet supply outlets.

Consider pet insurance. Shop around to see what suits your lifestyle. Some plans cover a portion of routine services, vaccinations, routine visits and catastrophic events.

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