Cat Breeds – The Lovely Turkish Angora

As the name suggests, one of the primary attributes of the Turkish Angora is its lovely soft and silky coat, but its charms to not end there. The Turkish Angora is one of the most charming, intelligent and friendly cats in the world, and its popularity continues to grow.

The Turkish Angora breed was once thought to be extinct, but now the number of individuals in the breed has been growing steadily, as more and more people discover the many charms of this unique breed of cat. The Turkish Angora is available in a wide range of colors, including solids, smokes and tabbies, making it one of the most colorful of all breeds of cats.

The coat of the Turkish Angora is silky and smooth, and the good news is that it requires less grooming than many other breeds of cat. The medium length coat sported by the Turkish Angora requires only occasional grooming to keep its good looks, making the breed a great choice for those with limited time. The time that is spent with this wonderful breed will be well rewarded, however, as the Turkish Angora is known as much for its affection toward humans as for its stunning good looks

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