The Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a small size dog. The adults typically weigh between 6 and 10 pounds when fully grown. This breed reaches about 10 inches in height for a fully grown dog.

A miniature of the classic Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound is delicate, nimble, and graceful. When his interest has been piqued, he will raise his ears in a manner that oozes curiosity.

The coat of an Italian Greyhound is short and glossy. Grooming this breed of dog is an extremely simple task. In fact, rubbing a bit of silk over his coat is all that is needed to bring the gloss back to his coat.

Their coats come in a variety of colors including red, fawn, cream, blue, black, or red and white. Additionally, a bit of white mixed in with the other colors in various places on the dog is also seen on occasion.

His bones are delicate and very fine. Therefore, they are prone to easy breakage. Although he can appear to have strength, the condition of his bones precludes that. Since he has such a delicate nature, it is best not to acquire an Italian Greyhound for a family that includes very young or rough children.

The Italian Greyhound is undemanding regarding diet, exercise, and grooming. He is an intelligent and lively animal with few needs. However, he does seem to mind the cold and would be happiest if kept warm.

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