Make your Own Catnip Mice – What a treat

Who loves you more than your cat? Nobody, that’s who. And that’s why want to give your kitty a little treat, right? Of course. With a little ingenuity and these simple directions you can whip out a catch of goodies guaranteed to make your kitty purr. After he bounces off the walls for a minute or two, that is. To make these wonderful treats you will need the following:

* Cotton print fabric– small prints work best. About one yard, This is a great project for scraps! * Matching thread * Coffee mug or large water glass * Marker that will show up on your fabric * Scissors * Bulk Catnip * Yarn or kite string for tails

Use the mug and marker to trace circles on wrong side of fabric. Cut out circles with scissors. Fold in half, wrong side out and stitch to 1/2″ from closed. Turn inside-out and stuff with catnip. Insert a couple of inches of the string into the opening then, with tiny stitches, sew shut. Don’t worry about details such as eyes or nose because Kitty won’t notice anyway. Make up a basketful of these little catnip mice and watch your pussycat go wild.

And make sure all treats are safe and secure and don’t have something that would come off and harm your kitty. Check your treats and toys regularly too and discard when they become worn.

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One comment

  1. We have our own catnip growing in our front flower bed as well as behind our garage, and oh boy does Meemaw love it.Have a good Monday.Jodi

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