Tips for Choosing the Right Pet

Having a pet in the home can be a dream come true, but choosing the wrong pet can be a real nightmare. Those considering bringing a furry friend into their lives need to think carefully about what type of pet is best. A pet is a lifetime commitment, and it is important to choose wisely.

One of the most important factors would be pet owners should consider is the type of lifestyle they lead. Many of us lead very busy lives these days, and the need for daily walks and frequent bathroom breaks may make a dog an impractical pet in some situations. Those considering buying a puppy or adopting an older dog should be sure that they have enough time to devote to the new addition.

Those without the time to commit to a dog may want to instead consider a cat. Cats tend to be much more self sufficient than dogs, without the requirement of bathroom breaks and daily walks. Cats still love companionship, however, and it is important that any pet get plenty of mental stimulation. Pet owners who are frequently away from home for extended periods may want to adopt two cats so that they can keep each other company.

It is also important for would be pet parents to consider their living situation. Those homeowners with a large property, or at least a big fenced backyard, may want to think about a large breed or high energy dog, while those who live in smaller quarters may want to think twice. For those more cramped quarters, a smaller dog, an older and less active dog, a cat or even a pocket pet like a hamster may be the best choice. The key is to consider the needs of the pet itself before making this important decision.

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  1. Libby,my therapy dog, will blog tomorrow about her experiences. If you would like to use this blog, just let me know. In the meantime, Libby is catching up on her rest before she goes back to work in the hospital and nursing home. thank, Nancy

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