Cat Breeds – The Beautiful Maine Coon

One of the largest of all domestic cat breeds, the Maine Coon is certainly no shrinking violet. This large and muscular cat has long been held in high regard as an excellent mouser, and the farmers of Maine greatly loved this strong and sturdy cat. The word quickly spread, and today the Maine Coon is beloved as much for its charming personality, high intelligence and good looks as for its ability to rid a home of mice.

The Maine Coon is also one of the most kid friendly of all breeds, and they generally get along superbly with dogs and other pets. These qualities have made the Maine Coon one of the most popular of all breeds, and they are always a favorite, both in the show ring and with the general public.

The Maine Coon is a large and sturdy breed, with a beautiful coat and wonderful patterns. The laid back nature and gentle disposition of the breed make it a wonderful lap cat as well as a trusted companion for children and adults alike. Those cat lovers who are looking for a substantial large cat should definitely give the Maine Coon a look.

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