101 Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Do you have dogs or dog owners on your list for birthday or holiday presents? There are so many dog items available for gifts now, and it’s fun to see what’s new. Try shopping online, at big box stores, department stores, discount stores and home stores. Specialty boutiques, catalogs, and card shops also have dog items; in fact, you can find great gifts just about anywhere now. Here’s a list of 101 gift ideas for the dogs and dog lovers on your list.

Dogs love to eat, so treat your favorite dog to (1) a bag of gourmet doggie treats, (2) a peanut butter birthday cake, (3) rawhide bones, (4) pigs’ ears treats, (5) beef chew sticks, or (6) bacon chews. Dog owners might like (7) a recipe book for homemade dog biscuits and (8) a bone-shaped cookie cutter. (9) Treat balls are fun for dogs, and (10) a spillproof water dish will please dog owners. (11) A ceramic dog bowl, (12) a unique container for dog food, (13) a mat to put under the dog’s food, (14) a dry food dispenser, or (15) a treat container will come in handy for dog lovers.

Some dogs travel with their owners often, so for a dog-on-the-go these gifts would be nice. (16) A travel bowl, (17) a water bottle, (18) or a doggie car seat would be handy for traveling dogs, and (19) a dog life jacket or (20) sunglasses or goggles are good protection for small dogs who swim or ride in convertibles. (21) Snow booties would be a good gift for dogs in cold climates, and (22) a rain poncho can protect dogs in wet weather. Flying dogs need a (23) hard shell kennel or (24) a rolling travel kennel. Dogs who travel by car could use (25) a sheepskin car perch or (26) a soft side fold-up kennel. Small dogs might like (27) a car booster seat or (28) a brocade tote. (29) Matching shirts for dog and owner are cute, and (30) a car bumper sticker of the dog’s breed for the car might be something a dog lover would like. For dogs that don’t travel well, (31) a gift certificate for a night’s stay in a dog hotel or kennel would be a useful present.

Dogs like to play, so toys are good gifts. Some dogs like to play with (32) Frisbees, (33) rope toys, and chase (34) tennis balls. Puppies, and dogs too, like (35) chew toys, (36) newspaper toys and (37) squeaky toys. For dogs who like to play in water, (38) a wading pool is a good gift.

Keeping a dog healthy and well groomed is a big concern of dog lovers. (39) A gift certificate to the dog’s vet would be appreciated, as would (40) a gift certificate for a training class, (41) a dog whistle, or (42) a book on dog training. (43) Ear cleaning wipes, (44) a pet mitt to reduce shedding, (45) dog vitamins, or (46) flea wipes could be useful for dogs, and (47) fur cleaning wipes and (48) paw wipes are also helpful. (49) A DVD on dog care would be a good gift for new dog owners, as would (50) a gift certificate for grooming. (51) Dog shampoo, (52) coat conditioner, (53) nail clippers, and (54) a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste are all excellent grooming gifts. There are many different kinds of (55) brushes also available for the well-groomed dog.

Dog need a place to hang out, so (56) a custom made dog house would be a great gift, as would (57) an igloo-shaped dog abode. (58) A burrow bed is great for small dogs especially, and (59) sheepskin pads, (60) fleece beds, (61) fleece blankets, and (62) suede beds are cozy for cold dogs.

Dog lovers like their dogs to look good, so (63) a clip-on bow would be a good gift for a small dog, (64) bandanna collars in different colors look great on a large dog, and (65) a charm for a dog’s collar is cute. (66) A reflective coat for walks would be a practical gift for any dog, and (67) a fleece coat would be nice for dogs in cold climates. (68) A pink dog tutu is a cute gift, as are (69) a Santa suit, (70) reindeer ears, and (71) a dog stocking for Santa to fill with treats.
Dog owners like to keep their dog’s area clean, so (72) puppy pads, (73) doggie diapers for dogs in heat, (74) a scooper and disposal bags, or (75) enzyme stain remover would all be handy gifts. Training items such as (76) an anti-bark collar, (77) a training harness, or (78) a doggie gate could be useful to a dog owner, and a (79) virtual fence, (80) a breakaway collar, (81) retractable lease, or (82) dog door kit or installation would all be good choices. (83) A gift certificate for a microchip might also be something that a dog owner would like, and (84) doggie steps would make life easier for a small or arthritic dog whose owner has a tall bed.
There are many different gifts that dog lovers might like. Give an owner (85) a dog-themed photo frame containing a photo of him and his dog, (86) dog-themed note cards, or (87) an amusing doggie greeting card. For a dog lover with a charm bracelet, (88) a charm would be in order. (89) A dog-shaped rug, (90) dog-themed calendar, (91) purse-sized photo album for dog pictures, or (92) a scrapbooking kit for pet pages would be nice gifts for dog lovers. (93) A dress-the-dog magnet set is fun, and (94) a magnet of the dog’s breed would please a dog lover. (95) A book on the dog’s breed is handy for an owner, as are (96) dog-head pushpins and a bulletin board for the dog’s photos, (97) a dog-head writing pen, or (98) a magnetic frame for the refrigerator. (99) A dog-themed key chain or (100) a resin statue of the dog’s breed might please a dog lover, and if you can’t think of anything the dog and dog lover don’t already have, (101) a gift certificate to a pet store would be a good choice for a gift.
Since pampered pets are now so popular, new products are constantly being developed for dogs and dog lovers. Check stores for the latest treats, and choose a gift you think will delight the dog or dog lover on your list.

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