Black Cats and Bad Luck

I really wouldn’t call myself superstitious, at least I didn’t think I was until I started to think about it. That brought back a memory of one night when I was unable to sleep. It was 3 a.m. and I was sitting at the window. Suddenly something caught my eye. It was a black cat crossing the street a few doors away. Have to admit, the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly stood up.

* Everyone has heard that a black cat crossing your path is supposed to mean bad luck. But, those who do not believe in such superstitions say that we only believe such things because so many people believe it to be true. And if so many people believe it to be true there must be some grain of truth to it?? Right? Maybe not?

* This is rather interesting and not something I expected to hear. Or at least I was hoping that things like this didn’t happen. According to The Humane Society, black cats are most often abused during the month of October. Now that is really sad!

* Now I wonder if I set out a saucer of milk, could I entice a black cat onto my porch? Apparently in Scotland, spotting a black cat in this particular location, means that you will come into money!

* Now this is odd, but the color of the fur does come into play with some people who are allergic to cats. Apparently the darker the cat, the more severe the symptoms. It makes no sense to me, but apparently it is a factor.

* I wish that I hadn’t come across this one. Kind of gives you shivers. A black cat that crosses your path by moonlight is supposed to mean death according to an old Irish superstition.

* If you are walking down the street in October and a black cat walks towards you, apparently it’s bringing good luck with him. The opposite is true if he walks away from you. It seems that how a black cat crosses your path is of significance.

* It is quite likely that black cats have attracted such attention because they were once associated with witches. There is even information concerning black cats being burned along with witches in the 17th century.

* Not quite sure how this works, but apparently it is supposed to be good luck if you wear a cat on an amulet.

* In England, it is white cats that are considered unlucky. Black cats could actually bring you luck. Living on this side of the pond, perhaps it would be wise to have one of each just to be on the safe side.

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