Lab Love was lonely….

….so Big Paw Designs is proud to announce that we have launched 16 breed specific stickers!

As many of you know – we had a Lab Love car magnet, and due to it’s popularity we have extended the line to new breeds in the form of a car sticker. These 4×6 oval euro car stickers include pug love, mutt love, poodle love and more! And as you know – our unique copyrighted designs cannot be found just anywhere!

Shop online at for your favorite breed love sticker.



  1. Wow, these are great — don’t suppose you could add a line for horse breeds? I just wrote a blog entry on bumper stickers for horses and I’d proudly have one of your stickers on my bumper — but I don’t have a dog. If you do a sticker for thoroughbreds, I’m there. Thanks for posting!

  2. Wow, if you could do a sticker like that for thoroughbreds, I’m there. I just did a blog entry on horse bumper (toyota yaris entry). Thankas for posting!

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