Comfy Cone – Comfy – but functional?

My big boy George is always getting into something. We joke that he is the most expensive free dog. He is a Great Pyrenees mix who got dumped in the park and followed us home, 7 years ago. One time he ate a bee….one time he tried to eat a raccoon but did not win….he has had knee surgery…and several lizards have fallen prey to his hunting. Needless to say he has a cone on at least once every season. And let me tell you, like any good dog, he tries to ram into anything (a tree, my 1920’s wood molding, the french doors) to get the cone off. Because he is so big, and the cone is even bigger, it is quite a problem.

He currently has a boo boo on his leg – which was not a big problem until he decided to lick it for about 4 hours one day. So – on goes the cone, again. This time it was the Comfy Cone (see pic below from the Comfy Cone website). I have to say that it helped a bit at first. But he quickly figured out how to ram it into something so it folded back – quite the fashion statement. It appears he likes the polo collar look instead of the cone look.

Now I do think my other dog, who is not as hard nosed and stubborn, would do well in the Comfy Cone. So I have not totally given up on this brilliant idea. But I would think that smaller dogs or less stubborn dogs might do okay in it. Also, dogs with shorter noses might do better….as I will say the cone is not as long as the plastic uncomfortable variety. I don’t know if I would trust it for something major like stitches either. However, for the basic variety “don’t touch that” boo boo, it works fine.

You can see the comfy cone here and places to buy it.

Myself – I think I will stick with the plastic one from the pet store for now.



  1. I didn’t know that… I have a dog and never came across this. Can I get anything from < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Pet Supplies<> which might help if I ever had that problem.

  2. I use this on my cocker spaniel to prevent him from scratching his ears and it does the job well. I think it’s more valuable in preventing your dog from scratching/licking his body than preventing him from ramming into things, it’s such a soft material that it’s understandable why it fails.I personally am annoyed with using a plastic cone as the edges do become quite sharp from grinding on the pavement. So thumbs up for me with the Comfy Cone.

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