Seeing Spots: The Dalmatian Dog Breed

We’re all familiar with those beautiful spotted darlings from the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. Many people are drawn to this breed because of its distinctive markings. The Dalmatian is the most easily identified due to its unique spots. Dalmatians are born pure white with their spots appearing ten days to two weeks later.

Dalmatians are named for a province in Croatia where they are thought to have originated. The breed was popular throughout Europe as guard dogs as well as herding livestock. The Dalmatian is a very old breed. They are intelligent, agile and graceful. These dogs are very active and energetic. They are fast runners that need plenty of exercise and room to run.

Dalmatians are usually well adjusted and well behaved dogs although they tend to be strong-willed and may require a firm hand when being trained. These dogs are quite sensitive and do not respond well to ill-tempered individuals or roughness. There is a distinct difference between firm training methods and being rough.

The Dalmatian is a very popular dog breed. They are strong, energetic animals with sturdy physical structures. Their sturdy, agile build allows for great stamina and endurance. Dalmatians have a coat that is short, dense and fine. They do tend to lose hairs constantly so you may find little white hairs wherever your Dalmatian has been. Color variations do exist in Dalmatians such as different colored markings or patches although these are seen as disqualifying in purebred Dalmatians. The male dogs are slightly larger than the females. Dalmatians usually produce six to eight pups per litter.

Dalmatians are a long-lived. The Dalmatian is a hearty breed that may have a lifespan of fifteen years or longer. Most Dalmatians enjoy excellent health and are free from ailments that may be present in other breeds. When illness does strike it is usually the result of old age or injury. The one health exception is the predisposition to deafness. One or both ears may be affected. The cause of deafness in Dalmatians is due to the absence of pigmentation cells in the inner ear. Dalmatians are highly intelligent dogs and there has been success in using sign commands to teach deaf dogs.

The good nature and protective instinct makes Dalmatians an excellent companion dog. These dogs are protective and tolerant of children and they enjoy being in the company of people. Dalmatians do get lonely if left alone. They are much happier when they have human companionship. They have a playful nature and love to run and romp through wide-open spaces. This dog needs plenty of attention and plenty of room to roam. This is a strong, independent breed with excellent survival skills. Dalmatians are loveable, protective dogs that will defend their owners with fierce loyalty.

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