Rocco & the Marine

We wanted to share this story from one of our customers. Dogs not only touch our lives, but they also are part of the families of our overseas troops. I am sure Rocco has no idea what an inspiration he is! Woof!

“My husband is a US Marine, who recently deployed to Iraq. I brought our 6 month old, Olde English Bulldogge, “Rocco,” along when I went to see him off on his trip overseas. My husband loaded the bus and sat at the window seat, to wave goodbye to us. When Rocco saw his daddy at the window he whined and pulled at the leash to allow him to get a little closer. I snuck up to the side of the bus and lifted Rocco up to the window so that he (and I) could receive one last rub on the head and kiss goodbye. My husband really adores our little bulldogge and he returns the affection. I send my husband weekly updates on Rocco and his antics, it helps us feel connected still and Rocco keeps both of our morale high in this difficult time apart.”

Thank you. Proud Marine wife,
Dana S.


One comment

  1. I want you to know that I’m praying for the safe return of your husband to you and his charming little Rocco! God bless and give Rocco a pat on the head for me.

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