Animal Assisted Therapy

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your pet could help others together? Animal Assisted Therapy is a great way to bond with your pet and bring joy to others in need. It also only requires none to little training.

Places like convalescent homes, hospitals, and youth programs are full of people who are in need of love, care, and company. You and your pet can bring these people those things. Animals bring an unexplainable comfort and healing to those who are sick and lonely.

The best pets for the job of Animal Assisted Therapy are ones that are gentle and loving. They must also be calm, clean, and social. If your pet has discipline problems or a history of hyperactivity, it is best to wait until they mature.

Ask your local convalescent homes, hospitals, or youth programs if they are accepting of Animal Assisted Therapy. Many facilities are not able to allow animals in because of health and insurance reasons. You may also be able to find places in need of you and your pet through online listings. Animal Assisted Therapy is a great way to help others and let your pet have fun and extra attention.

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  1. I have trained 4 dogs to be therapy dogs. We visit nursing homes and the children’s wards at hospitals and schools.It is rewarding for the dog, handler, residents of the facilities (their families if they are visiting) and the staff. Brings a little sunshine into an otherwise monotonous day.

  2. I’ve heard of so many wonderful things that have happened between therapy dogs and the people they interact with. I especially like the reading programs where children with reading issues read out loud to dogs.

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