Indoor Cats and Outdoor Germs

There is a belief that keeping your cat secluded indoors will prevent her from catching diseases or getting worms or other parasites. Sadly, this is not true.

Indoor cats may be exposed to organisms carried through the air, just like humans. Open windows and doors allow airflow between the outside world and the indoor environment. This does not mean you should seal up your home, but that you should be aware that if you cat becomes ill, there may be an outside cause.

Parasites can hitch a ride on your shoes and clothing. Intestinal worms can be brought into the environment simply by walking across infected soil or grass, then onto your carpet. Fleas can also hitch a ride inside on your pants leg or hose. Unless you are de-lousing before entering your home, bringing outdoor pests in to your cat is always a possibility.

Be sure your cat has proper medical evaluations and their shots are up to date, even if they never leave the house on their own. Making sure your cat is healthy and parasite free helps make your entire home healthier.

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