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The Maine Coon cat is the friendliest and goofiest of purebred cats.This is probably due in part to the fact that there is no set color scheme for the Maine Coon; the variety of permissible colors and color combinations let to less inbreeding as the breed developed, and less inbreeding, in turn, meant a more natural, rugged cat with a healthier gene pool and, in general, an easier temperament. Of course there are exceptions to this. Elderly Maine Coons, for example, can become cross when change is introduced (more about that in a moment). In general, however, a Maine Coon is the perfect cat to have around if you have other pets, especially dogs, or young children.

With exceptions, Maine Coons typically aren’t “cuddly” cats; they like their distance. At the same time, they enjoy their human companions–in much the same way, for example, that you enjoy being around your friends, although you probably don’t spend much time climbing up into their laps! Their fondness for being around ‘their’ humans has led to the nickname “the buddy cat”; they are generally laid back, easygoing companions who enjoy following their people from one room to another.

As they get older, Maine Coons, like some people, become more resistant to change; you probably shouldn’t bring in a new puppy if you share a house with an elderly Maine Coon. But when the cats are younger, they adapt well to almost any environment.They are especially good with young children; their easygoing nature lets them tolerate more tail pulling and fur snatching than any cat ought to be asked to put up with. They also get along well with dogs, if the dog is introduced to them when they’re young. As we’ve already noted, Maine Coons resent change when they get older.

So who should consider adding a Maine Coon to their family? Anyone who has small children and wants a cat that can get along with them; anyone, likewise, who has a dog, and wants to be able to sleep at night. Maine Coons are perfect for the elderly, as long as they’re not looking for a ‘lapcat’; there is no more companionable cat than a Maine Coon. And, last but not least, Maine Coons are perfect for people who live in rural areas and want a cat who can be out catching mice and fending for itself during the day, and then come inside and share your hearth at night. In short: anyone who wants a friendly, easy cat to share their lives should consider adding a Maine Coon cat to their family roster.

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  1. Thanks of sharing all this info on Maine Coons. It is interesting that I have been reading on your blog and others that Maine Coons are notlap cats. I would not have thought that!

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