Dogs: Tips for Bathing

Although not every dog owner enjoys giving his or her dog a bath and not every dog enjoys getting a bath, there are those times when a bath is deemed necessary. Start to give your dog a bath as early as possible. This way, he will learn that it is part of his routine.

Three basic types of dog shampoo are on the market today. The first is a basic medicated shampoo that is readily available at most pet stores, supermarkets, and discount stores. The second type of dog shampoo is an anti-parasitic shampoo, which may be a bit more costly. The third type is a variety of veterinarian shampoos that are only available for purchase at the veterinarian’s office.

When bathing your dog, select a location that is suitable for both you and your pet. Small breeds can easily be bathed in the kitchen sink, a small basin, or an infant’s bathtub. Larger breeds will most likely fit better in the family bathtub.

If the climate is suitable, consider a child’s swimming pool for an easy outside bath. However, if you allow your dog to enjoy the pool on the hotter days and he hates his bath, this is not a good idea.

Short coated breeds may not need frequent bathing. The dirt tends to simply fall away from the dog’s coat rather than sticking and creating a dirty look. However, if the dog acquires unpleasant smells to his coat, a bath can be a favorable idea.

Bathing Tips

-Avoid getting soap or shampoo into the dog’s eyes. You don’t like it, so why should he?
-Rub the dog partially dry with a clean towel immediately after you are finished. This will decrease the amount of water that gets shaken everywhere.
-Groom the dog while his coat is still partially wet. Use a comb or brush to get tangles out before his coat dries completely and makes the task more difficult.
-Wipe away any residue that remains near your dog’s eyes.
-Once your dog has shaken his bath water off, take him for a quick walk to finish the drying process.

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  1. This is very useful tip and practical tip for those who have dogs. It is always great to learn from those who have experience having a dog… Mabe I will have one someday when I got a better place for one.

  2. I have five dogs and all but one are medium to small. I don’t usually set aside one day to bath them all but bath them on different days. Oftentimes These are all great tips for us dog lovers!

  3. Great tips! I tend to dread giving my dog a bath, because he hates it, and I end up with a sopping wet bathroom.

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