Live Like Your Cat

One of the best ways to spend time with your kitty is to simply hang out and watch him. Cats really know how to live right and we could learn a lot from them. Take Leroy, for instance. Leroy’s a big gray Maine Coon cat who, at the age of three, is about 2/3 grown. With paws and mane like a lion, Leroy presents a regal face but is really a goofball at heart.

I got snowed in with Leroy recently and spent several days observing him closely. As far as I could discern, Leroy has no bad habits and several excellent ones. He eats only when he’s hungry and never too much. He snoozes when he’s sleepy and always takes a leisurely stretch whenever he wakes up from a catnap. And what a wonderful creation the catnap is–I’ve learned to love them myself and often take one with Leroy curled up against my back.

You never see a cat worrying over his wallet or grumbling about not being able to find the remote control to the television. Cats know they look good but spend very little time in the mirror. They bathe often. Seems to me that cats could teach us all a few things– and the world would be a better place if every home had a kitty.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more – cats just live like they mean to be happy! My cat spends most of the day on the bed taking a cat nap – and when it’s sunny in his favorite spot he might move and take in some of the warmth. What a life!

  2. I whole heartedly agree with you. My cats have taught me so much about relaxation, focus, and the important things in life!

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