Dogs: Travel Sickness

Dogs and puppies are pretty much like adults and children when it comes to traveling in the car. Some exhibit signs of travel sickness, while others don’t. However, if you nip it in the bud immediately when the dog is still a puppy, you can probably break the puppy from experiencing travel sickness. Older dogs that have been allowed to continue to experience travel sickness may not be so easy to cure.

However, if you have a new puppy and he is having trouble traveling in the car, there are a few things that you can do to try and circumvent travel sickness. It is essential to begin teaching your pet to overcome this immediately before the puppy has time to associate the car with feeling ill.

This is especially the case if your pet is vomiting while in the car or immediately after exiting the car. Once the puppy begins to vomit, he may become predisposed to salivate in readiness of vomiting whenever he is placed inside the car. If this does happen, then your task will be that much more difficult. Moreover, if you allow travel sickness to persist in your pet, then he will learn to detest and abhor the car and car travel.

Begin by shortening the time that the puppy will spend in the car. Only take the puppy on trips that will have a short duration. If the travel time is short enough, you may be able to avoid the puppy feeling sick at all. This will teach him that traveling in the car does not lead to being sick.

You can hasten the transition from a puppy that has a nervous reaction to traveling in the car to one that does not with a few minor practices. Plan enough time at the need of the short journey in the car to allow for a game of fetch with the puppy.

You can also incorporate any of the puppy’s favorite games as a reward at the end of any traveling by car experience. This gives the pet something to look forward to and it will distract him from any sense of nervousness.

Additionally, you can also offer your puppy or dog a dog treat at the end of the journey. Exercise some caution with this strategy because you do not want to encourage your pet to become overweight.

If your pet continues to experience travel sickness despite all of your efforts, then the only remaining option is to defer to travel sickness pills. Although the pills are a viable solution, you need to remember that the pills take time to become absorbed into the pet’s system.

Therefore, to experience any real benefit from the travel sickness pills, give them to your pet about an hour before you will begin to travel. Travel sickness pills may encourage your pet to feel drowsy, so this may prove beneficial on long, boring trips.

Remember that the longer you wait to help your pet overcome travel sickness, the harder it will be, and the longer it will take. Additionally, try to be as consistent as possible with this type of training to realize the quickest success.

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