Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the most easily recognizable breeds in the world of dogs, and few who have met this regal creature ever forget the experience. This noble breed was often used to hunt elk and other large game, and it was prized for its abilities as a guard dog as well.

The Norwegian Elkhound likes to have lots of space to run, but it is possible for those without large backyards to keep the dog happy with long walks on a daily basis. Since these dogs have a strongly ingrained hunting instinct and chase response, it is important to properly socialize them to cats and other household pets while they are still young puppies.

The regal manner of the Norwegian Elkhound can make it appear larger and heavier than it actually is, and this dog is actually of moderate size and weight. The males of the breed range between 50 and 60 pounds, while the females are generally smaller at 40 to 55 pounds.

As with other large dogs, some Norwegian Elkhounds are known to suffer from hip dysplasia, and puppy buyers should ensure that the parents have been tested for this inherited disease. Norwegian Elkhounds are also prone to eye problems, skin issues and kidney disease. Elkhound owners should be sure to consult their veterinarian regarding possible preventative measures and treatment options.

The coat of the Norwegian Elkhound actually consists of two separate coats – a coat of thick outer hair and a softer wooly inner coat. This inner coat sheds heavily on a seasonal basis and the dog will require a good brushing and combing several times a week to reduce shedding and avoid matting.

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