USED DOGS rescue – success stories!

A heart warming rescue story about some of the success stories from USED DOGS Rescue
Meet Sadie

Sadie’s original owner was killed in a car accident.
His mother feels she is too old to take on Sadie, but is very concerned about Sadie.
She did not want to bring Sadie to a shelter, so she found me and I found Sadie a home.
She such an interesting dog. Somewhat of a wise old soul.
Anyway I was so glad I was able to help and put Sadie in a great home.

And a reminder about our summer fundraiser for USED DOGS! You can click on the item below to donate or on the widget on our site on the right and help them spay, neuter and rescue New Orleans pups!

And don’t forget that Big Paw Designs supports USED DOGS rescue with our Fleur de Lis keychain and collar charm.



  1. I have to stop and say that your blog is awesome. I’ve been doing a pet of the week thing with my local animal shelter but you actually find these pets new forever homes. That is amazing.

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