Dog Breeds – The Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is one of the most unique of all dog breeds, and certainly one of the fastest. These royal dogs are thought to have accompanied the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, but the modern version of this breed hails from Spain. No matter what their origin, the Ibizan Hound is one of the fastest dogs in the world, and one of the most accomplished jumpers as well. Many members of the breed can jump nearly any fence, and they can run for many miles without becoming tired.

Although the Ibizan Hound is generally a very gentle dog, this breed can have a strong prey drive, so it is important to properly socialize puppies to cats, kittens, rabbits and other household pets. It is also important to socialize the puppy to children and other adults.

The Ibizan Hound is a tall dog, standing between 22 and 30 inches high at the shoulder and weighing between 40 and 55 pounds when fully mature. Although this breed is generally quite hardy and healthy, it can be somewhat sensitive to common chemicals, such as the ones used in flea preparations. Care should be taken when using such chemicals, and owners should watch closely for any sign of an allergic reaction.

The Ibizan Hound needs regular brushing to keep its beautiful coat soft, smooth and silky. Regular brushing will also help Ibizan Hound owners spot any fleas, ticks or skin problems quickly. Those dog lovers with lots of space to give may want to give this fast dog a try. These speedy dogs are especially suited to large plots of land and ranches, where they can work off their boundless energy.

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