Used Dogs Rescue Updates on Dogs

Here are some cute pics from some of the dogs over at USED Dogs Rescue in New Orleans……from a housing project demolition. Last week they got 3 more dogs from the Housing Project demo site!!! A pitbull male we named Buster. And two sisters that look like they have some fox terrier maybe. They are about 6 months old.
All 3 are Heartworm Negative! They have all been spay/neutered already – and there are many other dogs like Buster that need help!

And a reminder about our summer fundraiser for USED DOGS! You can click on the item below to donate or on the widget on our site on the right and help them spay, neuter and rescue New Orleans pups!

And don’t forget that Big Paw Designs supports USED DOGS rescue with our Fleur de Lis keychain and collar charm.



  1. Woof, Big PawDesert pups here just saying woof and roaming the streets looking for new pals. Glad there is a place for used dogs to go too. Keep up the good work.Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside The Fence

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